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DOMINO beim führenden Marktplatz für Gebrauchtmaschinen kaufen. Mehr als 200.000 Maschinen sofort verfügbar. Sofort kostenlos und ohne Anmeldung anfrage If four are playing the game, it may be played as a partnership (the two players sitting opposite one another are partners). The Shuffle: To begin the dominoes are placed face down and shuffled. Players draw one domino. The player drawing the highest double or if no double, the highest domino plays first. Re-shuffle and then begin drawing the first hand. Drawing: Each player then draws seven dominoes for his hand. The remaining dominoes (the boneyard), if any, are left face down on the. Playing Straight Dominoes 1. Play the game with 2 to 4 players. If there are 4 players, you could choose to play as partners with the person... 2. Shuffle the dominoes face down and draw to see who plays first. Lay all the tiles face down on a flat surface in... 3. Have each player draw 7 dominoes.

As part of the dominoes game rules, one of the players places the dominoes face down before shuffling them. Once done, the individual can distribute the dominoes around randomly as other players get ready to draw their hands. Each player draws a domino to decide who goes first. The individual with a double having the highest number of dobs plays first. However, where this is not available, they can settle for one with the highest-scoring tile The first player begins by laying their chosen tile face-up in the middle of the table. The next player must match one end of one of his dominoes to part of the first tile. In some versions, for this domino only, tiles are allowed to be joined to all four sides, creating four open lines to which new dominoes can be added Dominoes Game Rules & Instructions | Learn How To Play Dominoes | Dominoes. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your.


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  1. oes. The player who was chosen to go first will place any do
  2. oes, the tiles should be shuffled, so no player knows where any particular tile is, and may not select it or know who else has it. Typically, all the tiles are turned facedown on the flat playing surface, then repeatedly mixed and moved around at random by a player using the flat of their hand (s)
  3. o variant is for two players and requires a double-six set. The 28 tiles are shuffled face down and form the stock or boneyard. Each player draws seven tiles from the stock

Shuffle the dominoes, face-down, on the table. Each player draws the appropriate number of dominoes (see below) and stands them on edge so that they can see the faces (the side with the pips) but their opponents cannot. With 2 players, each takes 9 dominoes. With 3 players, each takes 7. With 4 players, each takes 5 In a draw game, the first player to play all their tiles wins. Play may (or may not) continue until both ends of the line of play are blocked and no more dominoes are left in the boneyard. In a block game, the player with the fewest tiles wins when the ends are blocked and no one has any playable tiles left To start the game the player with the highest double domino sets it on the table. The turn then passes clockwise to the next player. To find out who has the highest double domino one player asks everyone: Does anyone have double 6? If someone has it, they must set it on the table. If no-one has it, the player continues asking all the way down to double 0. If no-one still has a double domino, players shuffle all the dominoes and draw again Each player draws a domino to determine who will go first. The heaviest tile wins. Shuffle the dominoes and give 7 dominoes to each player in a two-handed game and five dominoes to each player in a three- or four-handed game. The remaining tiles are placed in the boneyard within easy reach of all players. Muggins is always played as cutthroat How to begin your game of dominoes Turn all your dominoes faced down and shuffle by pushing them around the table. Once shuffled, each player draws their dominoes and places them so that the other players can't see their value. The remaining dominoes are termed sleeping tiles

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  1. o games that depend upon matching suits. In these games, the first player sets his do
  2. oes. The next player to the left must then place a matching do
  3. o (five-game) game with 2 players. I must say I am very bad at OOP design, and so I don't want to get myself too deep into coding then realize I have a bad design to start with. I'd appreciate if someone shed some light on how to better design this. Here is summary of the game: there are 28 do
  4. oes. Throughout the game, the players have to match one of their do
  5. o tiles or similar equipment. The most typical do

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  1. e who gets the first move by choosing random tiles. Whoever draws the heaviest tile begins play. Players choose tiles from the boneyard and place them on edge so that he or she can see the do
  2. oes each from the boneyard for a two-player game, or draw five do
  3. oes from either player or until there are no more moves to be made. To win the game, be the first TEAM to score 500 points. HOW TO PLAY (Basic Rules) One player from each TEAM draws a do
  4. oes is the classic logic game. Single- and online multiplayer. Do
  5. o 3 players: everyone gets 7 stones 4 players: everyone gets 6 stones 5 players: everyone gets 5 stones It's not about co

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If 2 people are playing, each player selects 7 dominoes. If 3 or 4 people are playing, each player selects 5 dominoes. Keep your dominoes in front of you but hidden from your opponent(s). Leave the rest of the dominoes face-down on the table in the boneyard. The player with the highest double places that double on the table to start the game. If no one has a double, the player with the. Thereafter the winner of each game begins the next. A player who cannot play draws from the boneyard until he can, but it is illegal to draw when able to play. The winner scores the total number of pips left in the hands of all players and the other players score nothing. In the case of a blocked game the winner is the player with the least pips. In case of a tie some play that there is no. There are primarily two kinds of Domino Games that you can play on our site. These can be divided into mainly two categories: Blocking games and Scoring games. Whatever your preferences, you do not have to look any further for your dominos' fix. Whether it be a basic game of trains or block where you try to block your opponents from making their moves while you laugh at them and get rid of all the tiles in your hand. Or a game of Bergen or Muggins Agame.com is the perfect place to put your. Dominoes: Battle. 26,101 likes · 3,150 talking about this. I'll give you updates of your score and your challenges on both multiplayer and single player!.. Once all of the trains have been started, each player will play one domino at a time on any train they wish. The domino they play must have a matching end in order to connect with another domino. If a player cannot play a tile, they must draw one from the chicken yard. If that domino can be played, that player must place it. If the domino drawn is unable to be played, that player passes. Doubles are always placed perpindicularly. When a double is played, there must be three dominoes added to.

Once you have set up the game, you are ready to start playing dominoes. The player who was chosen to go first will place any domino of their choosing in the table's center. Play continues in a clockwise rotation, with each player adding a domino to the line of play. They must play a tile with the same number of pips as the open end of a tile that has already been played. For example, if the. Shuffling the Dominoes. At the start of any hand, round or game of dominoes, the tiles should be shuffled, so no player knows where any particular tile is, and may not select it or know who else has it. Typically, all the tiles are turned facedown on the flat playing surface, then repeatedly mixed and moved around at random by a player using the flat of their hand(s). A player's hand must not.

This game requires a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 4. 2. Place the pieces face down on the table and mix them together with your hands to make sure they are properly mixed. 3. Allow your opponent to get seven pieces of dominoes, and get seven for yourself. Leave the rest at one side of the table. 4 It is traditional to begin the game with the double nine, if you have it. However, any ficha can be played first. It does not have to be a double. Obviously, it's nice to get rid of a high value ficha early! The four fichas drawn to select the first player are returned to the extras pile. They, and the rest of the extras, are out of play and NEVER played again. The most famous dominoes in. Ask each player to flip their dominoes horizontally upwards so that the other players cannot see what they have got. Put all the remaining dominoes to the sides. These make the bone pile. Place the starter piece at the center. Place 1 double-twelve domino at the center. This is the Mexican Train. As any dominoes player knows, the game's real action is made up of its hands, rounds, and moves - the tiny details that make or break a game. This subject area will handle those details. A game usually requires multiple rounds. For each round, a number of tiles are distributed to each player. Let's call this distribution of tiles a hand. Every time a round begins, each player has a. How to Play Dominoes: High Five: Today I'm going to teach you a simple, fun, and addictive way to play the a game of dominoes.this is a modified version that even your 12 year old nephew could learn. i once taught an 8 year old how to play this on a layover from a flight and when

One player begins by Most scoring games use variations of the draw game. If a player does not call domino before the tile is laid on the table, and another player says 'domino' after the tile is laid, the first player must pick up an extra domino. Draw game. In a draw game (blocking or scoring), players are additionally allowed to draw as many tiles as desired from the stock before. Player 1 lays down a domino to start the game. It doesn't have to be a double. However, the first double played is the only double that can be played off of all four sides (see below). Players in turn then lay tiles on the open ends of the domino layout. Domino ends must connect with a matching number of pips (dots on the domino), e.g. if the double six started the game: Any player who does. When players do not have a matching piece, they pass their turn instead of drawing. No Draw - 2 Teams of 2 players In this version, each player draws 7 pieces at the start of the game, so there is no stock. Players take turns and only use their individual pieces. A team wins a round when one team member is declared the winner (see basic rules. The first player to get rid of all dominoes wins the hand. If none of the players can make a play, the game ends in a block. If a hand ends in a block, the players turn the tiles in their hands faceup for counting. The player with the lowest total wins the hand and earns the points (1 point per pip) of all the tiles left remaining in opponent's.

No player is allowed to play on another player's train, nor to start the Mexican train, during their first turn. Mexican Train dominoes is a 2-8 player game where players try to lay down all of their dominoes first and score the least number of points. The game starts with all of the dominoes shuffled and face-down on the table. Then, players simultaneously flip the dominoes over and try. The basic game of dominoes described here is played with the tile set called: 'Double Six'. The game is designed for 2 players. Object of the game . The object of the game is to lay the tiles down in such a way as to get 100 points before your opponent. Several rounds are played to complete the game. The goal of every round is to get rid of all your tiles. Tiles. The main components of the.

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This applies to all domino games - if you've played any type of dominoes before, skip to the Preparation section. Each time a player places a domino on the table in Mexican Train, it must conforms to normal domino play. i.e. The domino must be placed so that one end is touching the end of a domino already on the table and such that the end of the new domino matches (shows the same number of. At the beginning of a game, the hands are dealt by randomly shuffling all tiles and distributing seven (7) tiles (also called bones or dominoes) to each player. The remaining dominoes are placed in the boneyard to be drawn from by a player when he/she cannot play a tile from his hand. If this is the first hand of a game, the player with double six must play it first (also see options below.

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91 Double 12 Dominoes - A double 12 dominoes set consisting of all possible pairs of numbers from 0 to 12. Gameplay for Basic Rules. The game of dominoes is played in a series of rounds. To win each round a player must use up all the tiles in their hand. The winner of the round scores points based on the remaining tiles. The rounds continue. Daily Domino by Brain Vault offers you a bonus for entering the game and start the process. It is also worth noting the convenient management - everything is made intuitively understandable even for the most novice players. You can play the dominoes online with people from anywhere in the world - perhaps your first match will be held with a man from Brazil or a boy from Ukraine. You can.

To begin play, the dominoes are shuffled face down and each player takes nine dominoes. The remaining dominoes are placed in the Bone Yard. The number of dominoes remaining in the Bone Yard can be seen in the lower right corner of the screen on the Draw button. During a player's turn that player may draw a dominoe from the Bone Yard by pressing the Draw Button. If the Bone Yard is empty and. Dominoes that do not fit in the personal train remain in the player's hand as extras. Starting Designate a player to start the game. Thereafter, rotate the starter of each round in clockwise order. If you are the starter and you have a domino that matches the denomination of the engine tile, you have two play choices: either start your personal train or start the Mexican train—a line. For 2 to 4 players Before play begins, all dominoes are turned face-down and mixed. Each player draws five dominoes and stands them on edge before him so that his opponents cannot see his domino faces. The remaining dominoes become the draw pile, play moves to the left. Each domino is divided into two parts, or ends, each containing a set of spots. A double domino contains matching ends (6-6. Rules Of Playing Domino QQ Easy To Win . Each Domino hand will have at least 2 to 6 people, each person will be dealt 3 tiles domino and begin the first challenge round. At the end of round 1, there will be 1 more tiles domino dealt. After having dealt 1 tiles domino, the player enters the 2nd challenge round

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A player will be designated to start the game. Thereafter, rotate the starter of each round in clockwise order. If you're the starter and you have a domino that matches the denomination of the engine tile, you have two play choices: either start your personal train or start the Mexican train—a line of end-matching dominoes that must begin with the same denomination as the engine tile. Once. Dominoes. Dominoes is definitely one of the most famous board game in the world. There are dozens of rules out there, but three modes are getting most of the attention: - Draw dominoes: simple, relaxing, play your tiles on either side of the board. You only need to match the tile you have with one of the 2 ends already on the board This game is the most unrealistic domino game in apps. First of all, there's not actually a lot of players playing, it's mostly players made up. You can tell how it plays. Every opponent is Arabic, how is that possible? You can also tell about the game speed, some obvious moves, it'll take more time before it plays and then plays that exact domino. Every start of the game someone has 5-5. 7 Domino Games to Play for 2 People 1.ALL-FIVES. Ages: Teens and adults Why it's fun: All-Fives adds an extra challenge to the classic game of Draw Dominoes, helping to keep the game interesting for more experienced players. Objective: Score points by making the open ends of the domino layout add up to 5 or multiples of 5 (10, 15, 20 etc. Dominoes is a very popular tile based board game known all over the world, and now you can play it online and for free on Silvergames.com. In this multiplayer online version you play against three other players. Each one of you is given seven different tiles with two numbers on them. Your goal is to play all your tiles by matching the numbers at the ends of the row

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Play Dominoes free online. The origins of the game Dominoes are shrouded in mystery.. Legend has it that the great explorer and merchant Marco Polo brought the game from China to Europe.It is said that monks in medieval monasteries were already laying tiles and inadvertently created the name of this game by shouting benedicamus domino when they won Partnership dominoes is the most popular dominoes game in Spain and Latin America. There are four players in fixed partnerships where partners sit facing each other. The team that achieves a number of points, typically 100, before the other wins the game. In each deal, all the tiles are dealt to the four players (7 tiles each)

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Spinner: The Game of Wild Dominoes (Wooden Box) The original Texas wild domino game! Spinner is a fantastic, fun combination of the world's best domino games. A dynamic Double 9 domino game with 11 wild Spinner dominoes. Stores in a sturdy, beautiful wooden box, meant to last a lifetime. For 2-8 players, ages 8 and up This title, originally released in 1977, masterfully blends even older games Dominos and the card game Rummy. It is so good it even won a Spiel des Jahres, the most prestigious board game award given out each year. There is no theme here, it is all about player versus player strategy reminiscent of the centuries-old ancient classics. This is. The bones are reshuffled, and a new game begins with the loser of the previous game playing first. This player doesn't have to start with the highest doublet like in the opening hand. Any bone can be laid. The overall winner can be determined by playing to a certain number of points, like 50 or 100. Or you can play a certain amount of hands, like 5 or 10, and whoever has the most points after. The first player then builds a train, a sequence of matching dominoes. The train must start with a twelve (so it can be coupled to the engine). The dominoes will match according to their number as in a standard dominoes game. Player 1 lays their whole train leading from the double twelve out towards them. The aim is to lay as many tiles as possible so you have less to get rid of later. After.

To start a game players each draw a domino from the pool. The player with the highest double usually starts. If no one draws a double, then the person whose domino has the highest number of pips (spots) starts. Play moves in a clockwise direction. Scoring is usually a matter of adding the number of pips on those dominoes that score, but this will be discussed with each game. Some games like. bucks makes it where you can actually become a better dominoes player with authentic practice. A great example of this outside of dominoes is the game of poker. If you've ever played with people in person or online for no money, they'll usually do things they wouldn't normally do in a real game. They might bluff way more or just go all-in every hand and make it where you can't really.

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The train part comes from the format of the game. Each player is building a train-like chain of dominoes that branches off of a central, double-number domino that is like the station (or, according to the books on games I have, it can also be. The player with the highest answer keeps both dominoes. If both players have the same answer, each keeps a domino. The winner is the player or team with the most dominoes when all dominoes have been picked up. Domino Keepers Multiplication. a game for 2 players (or two teams) Play this game as above but instead of adding the two numbers on the domino, multiply them. These games tick all of the.

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There's way more behind Dominoes, than matching a six with a six and a four with a four. This awesome online multiplayer dominoes game offers you lots of fun, not only training your skills against the computer, but also challenging your best friends. For those 3 or 4 people who never heard about this game, the basic rule is to match the numbers at the ends of the row, in order to get rid of. There are primarily two kinds of Domino Games that you can play on our site. These can be divided into mainly two categories: Blocking games and Scoring games. Whatever your preferences, you do not have to look any further for your dominos' fix. Whether it be a basic game of trains or block where you try to block your opponents from making their moves while you laugh at them and get rid of. If the player cannot play a domino, they must draw from the face down domino draw pile. Depending upon the variation, the player either draws one domino or draws until the player can lay down a domino. Sometimes this move could be considered unable to happen, but because of the double rule, the player still must lay down a domino to complete the double The aim of dominoes is to place all your tiles on the table before your opponents by linking up like numbers, as well as getting rid of the tiles with the highest value or blocking other players. You have three options to start a game: randomly accessing a pre-created game, choosing a pre-created game that best suits your game preferences, or. What U Do It's not that hard to begin. The in-game tutorial will give you a hand and you will be protected for the first week. So what will you be doing? You will build your own castle, create a powerful army, make alliances and fight epic player versus player battles on a dynamic world map. Crush your enemies, conquer land and rise to be the ruler of a mighty empire! How does that sound? To.

This is just one of many variations of the game of dominoes. Before play begins, all dominoes are turned facedown and mixed up. Each player draws five dominoes and stands them on edge so the other player can't see the domino faces. The remaining dominoes become the draw pile. Each domino has two halves with each containing a set of spots. A double domino contains matching halves (6-6, 5-5, 4-4. Domino, also known as sevens, play and pay, and card parliament, simple gambling card game playable by two to eight players. The full deck of 52 cards is dealt out singly, so some hands may contain one more card than others. All players ante an agreed amount to a betting pool.In some circles anyone dealt one card fewer than others must ante an extra chip Discovering 140: A Game for 6 Players & Double-Nine Dominoes. As Forty-two is a game for 4 players and Moon is an adaptation to 3 players, if there are 6 people willing to play 42, the only way is to set up 2 tables of Moon (each one with 3 players), or let 2 players wait for their next game. So, one idea to include 2 more people in the game is.


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You can play Word Dominoes, in the same way as a traditional game of dominoes, as a blocking game. Players lay down their tiles and try to connect squares with the same word. Word Dominoes is suitable for 2-4 players, with 3 players being the perfect number. Place the tiles face down on the table, move them about and mix them up. Each player collects 7 titles and keeps them in their hand. The. dominoes. To win the game, be the first to score 100 points. The first player to score 100 or more points wins the game. For a short game, play to a total of 50 points. HOW TO PLAY (Basic Rules) The player who draws the highest double domino (same number of dots on both ends) begins by placing that domino in the center. If no double domino is drawn, all dominoes are returned to the boneyard. Once you have enough players, start a match with that list of clients. When a packet is received, send it back to all other players in the list. For example, a player moves, a packet is sent, the server receives it, and sends it to all other players in the list, the render the move, and poof. If that's not fast enough, you can have players actually act like mini servers, and connect to each. Chickenfoot Dominoes is a simulation of the popular domino game, which uses either a double-nine or double-twelve set of colored dominoes (Both available from the Options screen). One human player will play against 3 computer opponents. Statistics are maintained for the player and on all computer opponents

Is it the player with double six or the last player to have dominoed?|||The one with the highest double goes first at least thats the way I play|||totally depends on what version you play if you play mexican dominoes and double sixes you play doubles sixes first then double fives next round and so on and it goes with who ever has that dominoe in their hand at the start of the round or who ever. Dominos make excellent math manipulatives, and we use them frequently in our homeschooling. There are lots of different games that can be played with them and in the process of playing the games a preschool child can start to recognize patterns like that nine is three groups of three or that two odd numbers added together make an even number. When I play dominos with my four year old we talk.

Tri-Ominos is a fun variation on the classic domino game where players earn and lose points based on luck and skill. An excellent choice for family game night. The Object. Be the first player to score 400 points. What's in the Box. 56 Tri Ominos. Game Instructions. Setting Up the Game. Place all the Tri-Ominos face down on the table The draw game is one of the easy basic games with dominoes. We describe all rules at the Domino Plaza in a standard format: first we list the number of players, an estimate of the time it takes to play, and the materials you need. Then we mention the aim of the game (how to win), the preparations and what you do when it is your turn

This is a classic game of dominoes where you play against a computer player for the Android platform. Domino pieces and game state is working OK, but there are more than a few things missing. First, it's not very pretty. It's in OpenGL, although the perspective is fixed and not very appealing. I couldn't get culling to work properly. I probably specified normals for the polygons in a wrong way. The dominoes themselves aren't regular ones; they only fall in one direction, so pay attention to the arrow on their tops. The challenges do start out pretty easy and serve to orient players on how the challenges are configured and how the pieces work together. Even for adults, I think it's important to start out at the beginning, since. Benefits of Playing Domino. Five-Up Dominoes, though uses sequences and patterns of die in order to win, does not solely rely upon it. In this game, the tiles should be strategically placed for all ends to sum up in something that is a multiple of five. Read More ›

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- When starting the game 7 domino are dealt to each player. - Start talking the player with the highest double domino and places it. - The next player places a valid domino or steals from deck. - If a player can not place nor steal domino, game ends, winning the player with the fewest points in their dominoes in hand. - The first player to run out of dominioes in hand is the winner of the game. Designate a player to start the game. Thereafter, rotate the starter of each round in clockwise order. If you are the starter and you have a domino that matches the denomination of the engine tile, you have two play choices: either start your personal train or start the Mexican train —a line of end-matching dominoes that must begin with the same denomination as the engine tile. Once the. This game is simple and fun. Begin by making a platform of 3 or 4 dominoes. Players take turns adding dominoes to the platform with the goal of making a tower stable enough to survive their turn but precarious enough to fall for the next player. If the tower falls on your turn you loose and the game starts over. Lots of giggling and shouts of. Games::Domino - Interface to the Domino game. VERSION. Version 0.32. DESCRIPTION. This is a very basic Domino game played by two players (Computer vs Human) at the moment. This is just an initial draft of Proof of Concept, also to get my head around the game which I have never played in my life before.There is a cheat flag which makes tiles for. Featuring 5 great dominoes games, Real Dominoes is perfect for the gamer in any family. Load your own background graphics. Beautiful graphics and sounds enhance the game play, while detailed instructions bring you up to speed on each game. This is one game that truly lives up to its name. Download free full version game today and start playing dominoes right now! Features. Real dominoes games.

Each player adds up the spots on each of the dominos left in their Hand and those numbers are kept on a score card. Some people play that the double blank domino is worth 0 points at the end of the round and other count it as 50 points. Decide how you will score the double blank before you start the game Apr 30, 2016 - Dominoes could be your hobby OR business! Learn more at www.hobsess.com/leisure/dominoes. (Follow this board if you love dominoes! If you'd like to.

Chickenfoot is a domino game where the basic object of each hand is to get rid of all of your dominoes before your opponents can do the same. Although it is a game for 2 or more players, there are no teams; each person acts independently. The game typically is played with Double-9 dominoes (meaning there are up to 9 spots, or pips, on the ends. Additionally, Domino's is making waves in its social media strategy with its four-stage Instagram game, which allows players to collect one letter from each level and combine them to spell out a. Dominoes Games Tips & Tricks. Play high number tiles early. Every round, the winning player will get points based on the sum of the remaining dominoes in the losing player(s) hand. It's best to let go of tiles with high numbers early on in a round in order to limit the amount of points your opponent(s) will get if they win. Read the room. Pay close attention to your opponent(s) moves. Object of the game Be the first to play all your dominoes, or at least as many high-point dominoes as possible, in each round. The lowest total score after all rounds wins. Set up Place the double-12 domino in the centre piece on the table. This is where the trains begin. The double-12 in the centrepiece is called the engine . Turn the other dominoes face down and shuffle them. Each player.

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Before a Mahjong Game can start, each of the players must set up a starting wall of tiles, which together make up a rectangle known as the Great Wall. Each player is given a direction by the dealer: East, South, West, North. Since there are four players in mahjong, each player should simultaneously build his or her own wall. To start, all 144 mahjong tiles are placed face down in the middle. Our Official Hastings Chicken Foot Domino Game Rules Chicken Foot is played in rounds, one round for each double domino in the set. We normally play with 4 players using double-nines or 6 players using double-twelve The object of the game is to have the lowest score at the end of the last round. For each round, the object is for the player to empty their hand of dominoes by playing them on the. Start with the number 10 and continue writing the numbers in the descending order. Once you reach 1, start writing the numbers again in the ascending order till 10. In total, you will have 19 rounds. Playing the Game. Players take a seat in a circle. A dealer is chosen among the players to shuffle the deck, and pass around 10 cards to each player. The players can look at their cards. Rest of. Start the game by arranging all the spoons in the middle of the table. Then the dealer may deal four cards to each player. The dealer should keep the remaining cards in a pile on the table. At the beginning of each round, the dealer takes a card off the top of the deck (to have five cards in his hand), he or she then removes one card from their. Each player puts one chip in the pot before each deal. The Deal. Deal the cards one at a time face down, beginning with the player on the left. All the cards are dealt, and some players may receive fewer cards than others. It is customary for each player with fewer cards to ante one additional chip. Object of the Game

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