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  1. The pseudonymous entity, operating under the alias of 'XForceGlobal,' said the significant upside move is highly unrealistic, given the public interest in Bitcoin is nowhere near the Google trend levels of late 2017/early 2018. Additionally, the market lacks the hype that propelled the cryptocurrency to $20,000 earlier. That is visible in the lack of fresh capital entering the.
  2. XForceGlobal highlighted the negative correlation between Bitcoin and the US Dollar Index (DXY), a barometer to measure the greenback's strength against top foreign currencies, noting that the latter is driving the former's real price action. The analyst also spotted Bitcoin in a so-called growth cycle phase, wherein the cryptocurrency's investors have become more mature and.
  3. XForceGlobal about BTCUSD 40 Comments. Сomment with cheer Post Comment. halawani. Perfect! +2 Reply. KL2020. That's great . Looking forward to look at your other chapters! Thx +2 Reply. fu_x2. Amazing post again, looking forward to the whole series! +2 Reply. AngusMcK. Good post. Thank you for contributing! +2 Reply. XForceGlobal AngusMcK @AngusMcK, Thank you very much!! +1 Reply.

XForceGlobal is a TradingView analyst who was of the opinion that the Bitcoin Cash price would either turn bearish or go bullish, depending on whether it breaks through the parallel descending channel, or continues to trade within it. 1-Day Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis (23rd April) Bitcoin Cash Price Chart by TradingView. RelatedPosts. Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: $917 at 50-day SMA is the next. Hello Traders. Let me start off with a scenario that many - if not all has been through. Have you ever had a series of great trades, only to have one trade to burn your whole capital? It's probably everyone - and a guilty embarrassment that many do not want to admit. It's not bad - it's a learning process. I'm here to talk about how to effectively use stop losses Hello Traders. Here I would like to revisit the big drop we encountered after we witnessed near ATH levels. Now that we have some more data to play with, what kind of information can we pull from these levels? We have to understand this from two perspectives: 1. Market Psychology Analysis 2. Technical Analysis (Realistic) Market Psychology: We are now sandwiched between two possible supply.

Elliot Waves Complete Guide | Chapter 3

CryptoNoobsters - มือใหม่หัดเทรด Bitcoin และ Altcoin. 2,333 likes · 834 talking about this. เพจสำหรับมือใหม่ผู้สนใจเหรียญคริปโต ทั้งขุด ฟาร์ม เทรด มาเรียนรู้ไปด้วยกันน Hello traders. Here I would like to take my take on the best timeframes (personally) that I use to trade on. This can apply to all tradable assets - especially for cryptocurrencies. Weekly Timeframe (1W): Usually one-week traders are known as longterm traders. Usually they are good at analyzing the market from a longer perspective and will usually have a portfolio that is heavily catered.

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Hello traders, these past few weeks have been incredibly profitable for many traders (and many losses as well)! Here I would like to show you an investor philosophy that I always trade by when approaching the market. Many people approach technical analysis thinking it's the first and foremost thing they must learn, which in reality, should be the last Here we would like to suggest to you a breakout strategy that we know that can bring guaranteed profits for any trader. This is the most safest strategy that bring the highest rewards, lower risk, and still expose you to the market in a time of volatility. First things first, making a position with zero discipline is a recipe for disaster. We all would like to take a position right now and. TradingView India. X Force Global Analysis: If you find our analyses to be helpful, make sure to support us by dropping a 'like' In this analysis, we explore the Bitcoin CME Futures chart on the daily in order to understand the technical barriers that Bitcoin faces in its bullish rally. Analysis - A gap is an area discontinuity in a security's chart where its price either rises or falls. Hello Traders. Here I give a friendly reminder to all beginners and advanced traders that holding (hodl'ing) your position is not ideal up to a certain point. The math of percentages shows that as losses get larger (compound interest), the return necessary to recover to break-even increases at a much faster rate. A loss of 10 percent necessitates an 11 percent gain to recover - and that is.

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X-Force Cambodia, Phnom Penh. 211 likes · 5 talking about this. អិចហ្វក់ (X-force) ជាផលិតផលអាមេរិក. If you like our content, please take the time to 'like' our posts! Bitcoin has hit our price target of $11,100 and we are now looking for either a continuation of the parallel channel to the downside (more probable), or a break out of the trend line for a semi bullish case (least probable). A break out of the parallel channel doesn't necessarily indicate a bull case completely, as there are. Hello Traders and Investors! Here I show a clear overview of the bumpy ride we had over the past decade in the stock market. The leading indicator for our index is the SNP500. We are entering possibly another rocky ride with the current elections, but there is one thing that we can learn from history: we should always be calm, disciplined, collected, and most importantly, buying the dips Ethereum (ETH/USD) might be consolidating more due to other coins showing their strength in the alt coin market. We may be seeing a small correction to 400 levels, but otherwise, we most definitely can be seeing a consolidation at these levels between the shown support and resistance lines on the chart above. With that being said, we believe Ethereum might be in another consolidation phase, as. Dưới đây là bài post của bác XForceGlobal trên tradingview, mời anh em tham khảo: Do hậu quả của đại dịch Corona, thị trường tài chính đang trải qua một năm cực đoan. Chúng bao gồm sự sụt giảm nghiêm trọng của thị trường trong giai đoạn hoảng loạn diễn ra vào tháng 3 và một đợt phục hồi kéo dài cho tới.

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Bitcoin Hitting $20,000 in Early 2021 is Highly

Hello Traders. After yesterday's mildly successful pump, we were again met with a strong rejection off of the prior double top - now creating a triple top. What does this mean? Well, it can mean a lot of things, but let's leave all of the technical analysis behind and find one other way to find the tops in terms of price action. I would like to introduce to you the 'NVT' Indicator (Network. XForceGlobal Supdolt @Supdolt, Again, you are 100% correct on this from the other perspective. I actually agree with you more, as it is much harder to get consistent 100% gains in the market. It is certainly possible, but very difficult. 返信 . ReallyMe. on the other hand, a loss is only a loss if you have cashed it in. if there are good reasons for assumptions about the long-term price. XForceGlobal, tartışma yaratan bu iddiasına gerekçe olarak 2020 yılındaki Google Trends verilerini öne sürdü. Bitcoin fiyatlarının özellikle 2021 yılının ilk çeyreğinde 20 bin dolar seviyesine çıkıp çıkmayacağı tartışılmaya devam ederken, konuyla ilgili dikkat çeken bir analiz yayınlandı. Trading View analistlerinden olan XForceGlobal isimli bir kullanıcı, 2020. Hello traders. Here I will be showing a simple diagram of the whole Bitcoin dominance effect towards Bitcoin and Alt coins. The diagram is extremely simplified so that anyone can refer to this chart in the future. Many people have a hard time when an alt season starts; however, understanding the few simple rules of Bitcoin dominance can help you know whether you are in a bull market or not XForceGlobal isimli Bitcoin analisti, TradingView üzerinde bir analiz paylaştı. Analizinde, Bitcoin fiyatının 2021 yılının ilk çeyreğinde 20 bin dolara ulaşmasını beklememek gerektiğini söyledi. XForceGlobal, iddiasına gerekçe olarak 2020 yılındaki Google Trends verileri ışığında Bitcoin'e olan ilginin 2017/2018 yıllarındaki verilere kıyasla düşük olmasını.

Carta, ramalan dan idea dagangan daripada pedagang DrRidha. Dapatkan pandangan pasaran yang unik daripada komuniti pedagang dan pelabur aktif yang terbesar Top TradingView Educator • $BTC • 100% not in it for the tech • Elliott Wave + Market Psychology + Risk Management • Your stop loss is my entry • I love yo 比特币很有可能触及其先前的纪录高位20,000美元。 但是,TradingView分析师表示,人们不应期望它会在2021年初发生。假名实体,以 XForceGlobal的别名运营,表示重大的上行动作非常不现实,因为公众对比特币的兴趣远未达到2017年末/ 2018年初的Google趋势水平. Finanssocionomen Okt 26, 2020. En parabolisk uppgång verkar ha upphört och mest sannolikt fortsätter den negativa trenden härifrån. Som ni kan se är jag negativ till kursen och tror att vi lär se en nedgång närmare 40 %. RSI ligger på ca 57 punkter men under 50 kan det leda till ytterligare nedgång. Den negativa divergencen syns. Nov 18, 2020 - Hello traders! Here I would like to present to you another personal market psychology trading plan that I believe is effective for all traders ranging from beginners to advanced . Do you have a trading plan? Most don't. It's very important to create a set of fixed rules that you will always follow when you are trading! The key word here is trading - not investing

There is no doubt that Bitcoin and the overall crypto market has some correlation with the stock market, with market experts remarking that Bitcoin has been surging in tandem with traditional markets for awhile over the past year or so. Extensive research has already been conducted by market experts to study the seeming correlation of both markets, but I would like to take my stab at it as. Dec 29, 2020 - Explore LearningAddict's board Interactive Brokers, followed by 278 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about interactive brokers, interactive, brokers

XForceGlobal wrote a summary in TradingView explaining the biggest currents. Most of November saw this BTC dominance and increase in price, which unfortunately led to the decrease of everything else. We hope that December will move us into different territory, where diversification is fun again. November's Autopilot performance also followed the market's downward trend in BTC terms and. Complete Guide to Bitcoin Dominance & Alt Season Cycles for BITSTAMP:BTCUSD by XForceGlobal Hello traders. Here I will be showing a simple diagram of the whole Bitcoin dominance effect towards Bitcoin and Alt coins Detailed Tweet Analytics for Michael Saylor's tweet - #bitcoin, #btc, elon, btc, saylo

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  1. Bitcoin Cash price rallies to $246: what's next
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  3. BTC: Aftermath of the Drop - Market Psychology & TA
  4. CryptoNoobsters - มือใหม่หัดเทรด Bitcoin และ Altcoin
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  6. Trading Hierarchy: What Really Matters in Trading cho
  7. BTC: How to Trade BTC Right Now - Smart and Disciplined
Trader XForceGlobal — Trading Ideas & Charts — TradingView

Bitcoin: Understanding the CME Futures Gap 1D (Aug

  1. Why You Should Never 'HODL' Your Positions Up To A Certain
  2. Bitcoin: Understanding CME Gaps - A Full Perspective and
  3. Elliot Waves Complete Guide Chapter 3

XRP/USDT: Hidden Bullish Divergence Analysis 4H (Aug

  1. Bitcoin som treffer $ 20 000 i begynnelsen av 2021 er
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